Autumn appetite

The return of oden to convenience stores in Japan is a signal that fall is coming, and for many this means relief from the oppressive heat and humidity that kills the appetite. In fact it’s rather good timing, as autumn foods are especially delicious; they even have an old adage for it: Shokuyoku no Aki, or “autumn is the season for eating”.
Most famous fall food in Japan is oden, the king of autumn dishes. Ingredients of this simmering hot pot vary throughout the country, but most commonly you will find daikon radishes, boiled eggs, konnyaku, tofu and processed fishcakes.
Other famous foods include matsutake mushroom, kaki (persimmon), kuri (chestnuts), yakiimo (roasted Japanese sweet potato).
There are many fantastic fall foods from which to choose, each with their distinct flavor and regional variation. The great thing about Japanese autumn food is the fact that, to reflect the still pleasant weather, it ranges from hearty and hot to fresh and delicate. Why not try some oden or roasted sweet potatoes from your closest supermarket or convenience store?

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