Colorful Japanese summer festivals

In all Japan, especially in Tokyo, hot summer days continue. Japanese summer is, first of all, famous Japanese summer festivals, or Matsuri. From small local festivals near residential areas, to big events that go on for several days. Beautiful paper lanterns, Mikoshi (people carrying portable shrines through the streets), delicious street food and fun games, Bon Odori dance that everyone can join – Japanese festivals are full of fascinating activities that you can only experience in summer. There’s always a lot of couples who enjoy the festivals dressed in yukata, traditional Japanese summer clothing.
When the night comes, most festivals have fireworks going off, and when they stop, festival is also coming to its end.
Seeing a young man shyly talking to a girl in yukata, who came to the festival alone, and smiling all the way home from this adorable summer moment.
It’s already august, and summer is soon coming to an end, but summer festivals are still being held all over Japan. If you’re in Japan, you should definitely try going to one of them, and create some more great summer memories for yourself too.

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